RESEARCH / design / ux

inharlem artscape

A versatile landscape for art, play, and learning that serves the Harlem community through the Apollo Theater’s educational archive. The intervention draws inspiration from natural voids and canyons in natural landscapes as a way to introduce artificial ecologies as a programmatic form for occupation by youth and adults alike. The form and composition of the inHar- lem artscape serves as a visual and physical landscape for play and learning catered for children and the youth. The voids provide a space for play and the physical structures house the Apollo’s archive, art labs and studio spaces as well as a recreational space for after- school youth. By day, the intervention will function as a playspace for children and an after- school space for the youth with various educational programming. By night, the space will serve as an ex- tension of the Apollo and serve as a walk-through gallery of the Apollo’s historical archive. In sum, the inHarlem artscape provides both a unique education- al and recreational space for the Harlem community.

site analysis

This project began with exploring the timeline of the city's water crisis. By contrasting the relationship of the city's inhabitants with the natural water systems during pre-colonial Mexico City to the present day water crisis, the research found that the crisis is built upon an unsustainable water system that has depleted the city's local aquifer and has thus resorted to importing water from regional sources that has led to the water controversies that this project is aimed to address. 


The design was informed by an immersive site visit in Iztapalapa, Mexico City during Fall of 2018. The project aimed to reimagine the city's relationship with water through an water infrastructural system that engages with the community of Iztapalapa. Zona Hídrica is divided into 5 zones that address a different phase in the water system: (1) Aquifer Recharge, (2) Wastewater Treatment, (3) Greywater Distribution, (4) Potable Water Distribution, (5) Greywater Treatment